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Poly Tanks

Poly Tanks

Using an aged tank without a thorough inspecetion can result in a catastrophic accident. Do you have the information you need to give your Tanks a complete check up?

See if you are able to indentify the photo that shows the no-stressed cross section of a poly tank. It is critical both for economic and safety reasons to keep your Poly Tank in top operation conditions.

Poly tank cross sections


If you chose #1 - you are correct!
#1 is an example of a no-stressed piece of polyethylene.
#2 - Evidence of stress cracking.
#3 - Advanced stress cracking
#4 - Impact damage
#5 - Permeation damage.

Tank and IBC Inspection Guide - PDF
The Difference in Tank Thickness - PDF
Tank Site Preparation - PDF

An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
These brochures are invaluable tools that provide simple procedures for new tank preparation or periodically examining a tank for possible environmental damage caused by chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, impacts, and other environmental conditions that can limit the useful life expectancy of all tanks.

As the world leader in plastic container designs and manufacturing, Synder is committed to helping you make sure your aging containers are field worthy, Reduce you risk and associated costs - download your FREE COPY of Tank and IBC Inspection Guide ,   The Difference in Tank Thickness  Tank Site Preparation  today!

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