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Slippery Dairy Flush Lanes? Verdegaal Has the Solution

Calcium and other mineral buildup in dairy flush lanes causes a slippage problem that creates a dangerous slip-and-fall hazard to livestock. And hydraulic flushing with water alone does not solve the problem.

Verdegaal Brothers now offers a simple solution to effectively eliminating the slippage buildup on your lanes and restoring a safer environment for you cows. The key is periodic application of sulfuric acid that dissolves calcium and other mineral vuildup making concrete flush lanes cleaner and safer. The process is simple and effective. Please view our color brochure for more information.

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Clogged Manure Separator? Once Again . . . Verdegaal Has the Solution.

High calcium and magnesium water going through manure seperators clog the screens, reducing efficiency. the verdegaal solution is simple and cost effective.

Apply a pre-wash, then let Verdegaal's personnel apply an acid to the screen to dissolve the calcium and magnesium deposits. Let the acid soak for a half an hour, then wash the screen with a post-application wash. The manure separator screen will be much cleaner and operate more efficiently. Please view our color brochure for more information.

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Verdegaal Brothers solves dairy wastewater problems with a simple, cost-effective system.

Lagoon Buffer is a system for adjusting and maintaining lagoon water pH to solve a number of dairy wastewater problems. The key to the Verdegaal system is a reliable injector pump which automatically delivers a precise amount of sulfuric acid to the wastewater, bringing the pH level to about 7.0. Once this neutral pH is achieved, the system automatically maintains this level, increasing microbial activity in the lagoon and resulting in:

  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced solids in lagoon
  • Cleaner alleys and walkways
  • Higher quality irrigation water
  • Clearing of flush lines

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