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Another specialty of Verdegaal Bros. is that the company markets and custom applies concentrated sulfuric acid as a soil amendment. Applications include orchards, vineyards, field and row crops, and water runs. Sulfuric acid is desirable in specific soil conditions where there is a presence of free lime and high soil pH. These soils often have high levels of sodium. Under the right conditions, sulfuric acid can be applied in orchards and vineyards for the correction of iron induced chlorosis. Verdegaal Bros. has developed all of their specialized application equipment for handling sulfuric acid.

The Benefits of Sulfuric Acid Applications on Alfalfa
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On certain soils which have a high pH and medium to high levels of free lime, sulfuric acid applications is an option on new alfalfa fields at the time of seeding, established alfalfa, or established see alfalfa. Application rates on alfalfa are at a maximum rate of 1/2 ton per acre. Application rates on established fields are done in the winter, immediately after the fields have been sheeped off or the winter cutting has been taken off. Alfalfa fields should be irrigated after a sulfuric acid application.The first cutting will be delayed due to the burn off of the exposed regrowth at the time of application.

How Soil pH Affects Availability of Plant Nutrients
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Soil tests are recommended for determining the suitability of soil amendments and the rate of application. Sulfuric acid should only be applied under the proper soil conditions. Criteria for the application of sulfuric acid are a soil pH of greater than 7.0 and the presence of free lime. High levels of sodium in the soil, measured as ESP, is another indicator that the soil typically will respond favorably to an application of sulfuric acid.

Application of Sulfuric Acid in Orchards and Vineyards
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The acidifying effects of sulfuric acid on the soil are immediate. Application rates are 1/2 to 2 tons per acre, with one ton being the most typical rate. Applications in permanent crops are typically done during dormancy. Contact your fertilizer dealer or Verdegaal Brothers to find out if sulfuric acid may be a solution to your problem soils.

In certain soil conditions, sulfuric acid can lower the soil pH, improve water penetration, increase the availability of nutrients, reclaim alkali soils, and develop soils which have crops showing iron induced chlorosis symptoms. Sulfuric acid is custom applied by Verdegaal Brothers. Sulfuric acid can be broadcast or banded on the surface. Soil tests are recommended for determining the suitability of soil amendments and the rate of application.

Orchard & Vineyard Pre-Plant Application
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Healthy soil means healthy crops. Proper pH balance in the soil frees up vital soil nutrients, enhances soil microbial activity and helps irrigation water move freely and effectively through the root zone. Trees and vines get off to a better start, enjoy improved plant vigor and produce better yields and better profits.

Surface Broadcast Citrus Application
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Citrus application of sulfuric acid helps optimize pH, improve water penetration and free up soil nutrients through a safe custom application. The acidifying effects of sulfuric acid on the soil are immediate, after an irrigation or rainfall. Applications in citrus are typically done during the winter months.

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