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The Verdegaal family has been in the Hanford area in the San Joaquin Valley of central California for three generations. In 1975 Verdegaal Brothers. Inc. incorporated as a base for the many products and services that they provide today. Four of Bill Verdegaal's nephews, Russ, Jeff, George, and Marty, work for the family business.

With a private railroad siding in Kings County that can hold up to 40 railroad cars, Verdegaal Brothers has storage for gypsum, feed grains, metam sodium, propane, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and various liquid and dry fertilizers. The company warehouses various liquid and dry agricultural fertilizers for fertilizer manufactures, for distribution to fertilizer dealers in the San Joaquin Valley.

Verdegaal Brothers also has their own fleet of trucks in order to provide the service that is required to deliver product to their customers. The company has two pest control advisors on staff, who do consulting and marketing. Verdegaal Brothers farm citrus and walnuts in Kings County. The organization, which has approximately 48 employees, serves a large area with important products and services for agriculture.

Each year the Kings County Economic Development Corporation recognizes an extraordinary Kings County industry, and a group or individual who works behind the scene to support business growth. Kings EDC congratulates Verdegaal Brothers, Inc., the 2004 recipient of:

The Chairman's Award for Economic Development

This award recognizes a Kings County Business which has actively and measurably contributed to local economic development efforts; expanded their employment base; invested significantly in facilities, equipment or other infrastructure; and has contributed to the economic vitality of the County and the region.

For three generations, the Verdegaal family has lived and farmed in the Hanford area. In 1975 brothers Bill and George incorporated as Verdegaal Brothers, Inc. and began commercially offering agriculture supplements and services in the region.

With a private railroad siding, Verdegaal Brothers stores and distributes agricultural gypsum, feed grains, metam sodium, propane, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and various liquid and dry fertilizers for direct delivery and to supply other manufacturers and resellers throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Verdegaal Brothers' diversification includes the operation of a fleet of trucks to assure prompt delivery of their products.

As a major business in Hanford's Kings Industrial Park, Verdegaal Brothers is planning the construction of an additional two million gallon liquid storage tank to accommodate its continued expansion. The Verdegaals are recognized for their innovative practices in the field of agriculture.

Verdegaal Brothers, Inc. has been a major contributor to agriculture through generous contributions of time, expertise, and local investment. Sales Manager Jim Gregory is Chairman of the Kings County Agricultural Advisory Committee and is a long-time contributor to the business community through the Hanford Chamber of Commerce and Kings County Economic Development Corporation. Many of Verdegaal Brothers' 48 employees and family members contribute countless hours toward improving the overall quality of life for area residents.

Kings County Farm Bureau Member Recognized for Contributions To Ag Industry
October 2005
By Amy Roberts

The Lemoore Chamber of Commerce honored Verdegaal Brothers as the Ag Supporter of the Year during its 11th annual Salute to Agriculture Banquet. With the presentation of each award, officials spoke of the caring quality these families have for their employees, communities and the agricultural industry.

"It's great! And good to be recognized," said Jeff Verdegaal.

His brother, Russell who serves as president, said his generation has only run the company for a short time compared to the years his dad George Sr., who died in 1986, and uncle put into it.

The credit for this award is in large measure to their hard work, he said.

The Verdegaal family has lived in the Hanford area for many years, according to information provided by Jim Gregory, the company's agronomist and sales manager.

During the 1960's, the brothers were already farming when they decided to add contract manure spreading to their workload. By 1975, they decided to incorporate as Verdegaal Brothers and gradually added many of the services and products available today.

"Since 1975, Verdegaal Brothers has been supporting farmers with soil amendments, and has been a source of information on soil and water amendments for improving crop yields," Gregory said.

This innovative company has continued to change over time to keep up with the needs of farmers.

For example, Verdegaal Brothers realized the San Joaquin Valley needed a centralized location from which to distribute fertilizers. They moved their business to the industrial park to have access to a railroad siding. This allows them to receive rail deliveries from manufacturers to ensure that the fertilizer is available when needed. After being placed in Verdegaal's warehouse, our trucks along with other outside haulers deliver it to other dealers and growers in seven western states, Gregory said.

In 1982, the company received a fertilizer patent for making urea-sulfuric acid fertilizer.

"Since the time of its invention" Gregory said, "this fertilizer has become an accepted nitrogen fertilizer for use on high pH soils in the western United States."

In 2002, Verdegaal Brothers received two patents for using sulfuric acid t treat water and dairy lagoons as an alternative to other methods. They are also working on a grant-funded project with California State University Fresno to evaluate the effectiveness of lagoon buffering and dairy lagoons.


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